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Capteurs & instruments

Most of the Fozmula range has applications within the gen set environment :

T/LL70 – Pump control on /off and or high /low level alarms when fuel is transferred from bulk to day storage tanks.

S85 & 6 capacitance liquid level switches for coolants, fuels and oils.  The S85 is used extensively as a low coolant warning device.

Fozmula’s ‘V’ instruments to monitor all engine parameters to include coolant, oil, & level, together with an accompanying range of senders and switches in various thread sizes and switching options.

The G/LL43 is a heavy duty mechanical gauge whilst the Kelch product offers different styles of header, screw or bayonet fixing and is a lower cost item.  Both are widely used for base tank contents display.

S100 for all the engine high /low temperature cut outs and warnings.

Fuel level sensors & switches

Capacitance liquid level sensor - T/LL350

The Model T/LL350 series provides a continuous level measurement of tank contents and offers a choice of voltage, resistance or 4-20 mA outputs. The dual probe design allows the sensor to continuously self calibrate and detect, for example, different fuels, and will recalibrate the output to compensate for differing dielectric constants. Therefore, if a tank is filled with conventional diesel and then bio-diesel, the sensor automatically calibrates to give a corrected output without the need for the user's intervention.

Oil level sensors & switches

Capacitance fuel level sensor - T/LL140

A solid state fuel or oil level sensor which provides a continuous output of tank contents in either resistance or voltage formats.  The sensor can be re-calibrated each time the tank is filled and can operate even with the inclusion of fuel additives.  Available for tank depths between 200 mm and 1100 mm it can also be cut to length by the user.

Coolant level sensors & switches

Capacitance liquid level switch - S81

S81 is a horizontally mounted switch for sensing water/coolant levels. It is fitted with a DIN bayonet style connector and has an inbuilt time delay to reduce the risk of intermittent switching through liquid turbulence and a wide selection of switching outputs.

Murphy Pressure Sensors and Instruments


  • Limit Switch for Critical Pressure
  • Operate Alarms or Shutdown Equipment
  • SPDT Snap-Acting Switch
  • Fits Most Engine Applications


PXT-K Series

  • 4-20 mA Output Signal
  • Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction
  • High Stablity


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